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Air Products

Company Number : 011 570 5000 / 011 977 6400
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Head Office:

Silver Stream Business Park,
10 Muswell Drive,

Tel: 011 570 5000 / 011 977 6400

Customer Contact Center –

Packaged Gas
In order to provide the best possible service to our Packaged Gas customers, our Order-To-Receipt (OTR) Customer Care Team are on call to centrally service all our customers’ orders, deliveries, invoices and account queries.
By dialling +2711.977.6444 / +2711.570.5224 you will be connected to one of our fully trained team members, who are equipped to deal with any query, from placing an order, expediting a delivery or handling a complaint about any deficient product or service. Should the team not be able to assist on any query, they will re-direct the call to someone who can resolve the problem. The call centre is open between 08h00 and 16h30 – Monday to Friday.
Should you have an After Hours Emergency, please contact us on 0800.650.315

Air Products South Africa manufactures, supplies and distributes a wide variety of industrial and Specialty Gas products and chemicals to the Southern African region. Founded in 1969, the company has enjoyed consistent growth, establishing itself as an industry leader in the production of reliable, high quality gases. It is also an acknowledged thought leader in areas such as the sustainability of the industrial gas industry, and in supply chain management.
Registered as a private Southern African controlled company on 12 March 1969 on the basis of a 50/50 joint venture between Iscor Ltd and Air Products and Chemicals Inc. Iscor Ltd subsequently transferred their shareholding into the Metkor Group Holdings, a quoted company on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Today, the Metkor Group is controlled by Remgro Ltd. Senior management executives and representatives of the joint venture shareholders have been appointed to the Board of Directors.
The company has grown rapidly, utilising its world-class production and distribution facilities throughout Southern Africa to become the largest supplier in the on-site and pipeline markets, as well as a leader in the bulk, cylinder, Specialty Gas and chemicals supply markets. Our fleet of cryogenic tankers and cylinder trucks provide reliable supplies of liquid and gaseous oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and carbon dioxide to major companies in the steel, stainless steel, chemical, petrochemical and engineering industries. We also specialise in state-of-the-art blending technology, supplying gas mixtures of the highest purity and quality.
Over the years, Air Products has become known for its innovative culture. We have made it our mission to continually introduce innovative and creative solutions to optimise our customers’ processes. Our commercially proven technologies include the production, recovery, separation and purification of a wide variety of gas streams, with one overriding aim: to decrease costs and enhance production efficiencies for the benefit of our customers.
Air Products has also achieved significant success and growth in its chemical division. We offer specialised chemical products such as polymers, polyurethane and performance chemicals as well as industrial chemicals, to provide both processing and performance advantages in a wide variety of industrial processes.
Air Products South Africa manufactures the majority of its products within South Africa at its -strategically located facilities. Our ISO 9001 listing is a foundation upon which our process of continuous improvement makes us a world-class gas supplier, adding value to our customers, products and services. The company is also ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), ISO 22000 (Food Grade Certification) accredited and 5 star NOSA rated, and is a frequent recipient of local and international industry safety awards.
Our brand research shows us that the calibre of our people is the Air Products difference. Their integrity, understanding, and passion create the essence of our brand personality, and of Air Products as an organisation. While the positive qualities of our people may not be as tangible as an air separation plant or a cylinder of gas, our brand is implicitly understood as a vital part of the total value we offer to our customers.
‘Service that delivers the difference’ is our approach to focus on our customers, as one company, across all of our businesses and regions.

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